Punctuation for Class 8: Learn the Basics of English Grammar

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Punctuation for Class 8

Punctuation for Class 8 is an addition to what you have learned in the previous English classes. The level advances, and there is more that gets included in the chapter. Thus, a class 8 student needs to prepare well for the different punctuations and their types. They must learn the usage of these punctuation marks in a sentence. There are several types of punctuation marks, such as commas, periods, exclamation marks, question marks, etc., which are included in the Class 8 English syllabus. Let’s learn about these punctuation marks

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Importance of Punctuation for Class 8 Students

Punctuation for Class 8 is an important chapter for the students as they get to know more about it. They already have a basic idea about the usage of punctuation in the previous classes. The inclusion of punctuation in the Class 8 English Grammar curriculum is to provide the student with clarity about its usage in sentences. There are 14 types of punctuation marks for 8th standard in the English language, including commas, period (full stop), exclamation marks, question marks, em dash, en dash, a hyphen, commas, semicolons, colons, ellipses, quotation marks, apostrophes, parentheses, and slashes. Let’s look at some of the best examples of punctuation in Class 8.

For Example:Tim, Harry, Chris, and Linda are going to attend the party together.  
Bravo! They played well.
Why are you coming here?
She opened the window.
He got a loan of (20,000,00) from the bank.
It was Penny’s bag.
She opened her window…and saw…the carpenter!
David says, ”If we work together, we will finish it early”.
Jim failed; as he did not prepare well.

Types of Punctuation

Understanding the different types of Punctuation is necessary for using them in a better way in your writing. Let’s understand some of the types of Punctuation in detail for their proper usage. 

1. Period(Full Stop)

Period( . ) is used at the end of a statement or a declarative sentence. It indicates that the sentence has ended. 

For Example: 

(A)I can see the window.
(B) Sam writes a letter.

2. Exclamation Mark

An exclamation Mark( ! ) is a kind of punctuation that is used to express high emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, or exhilaration. They are sometimes used at the end of the sentences to give high importance to the statements.

For Example: 

(A) What a wonderful idea!
(B) Alas! cried the girl.

3. Question Mark

Question Mark( ? ) is used in sentences to show that the person speaking is asking for something. It is used at the end of a sentence where a direct question is asked.

For Example:

(A) What is the meaning of this word?
(B) Are you attending the conference?
(C) Would you love to have a cup of coffee?

4. Hyphen

The Hyphen(-) is a punctuation that makes compound words using adjectives and nouns. 

For Example:

(A) The Tug-of-war competition was won by the red team.
(B) He is twenty-two years old.
(C) One-fourth of the students attended the practicals.

5. Quotation Mark(Inverted Commas)

A quotation mark or an inverted comma (“ “) is a punctuation mark that shows the start and the end of the quotation mark. Moreover, the words that are spoken by the speaker.

For Example: 

(A) She said to him, “You are a good man”.
(B) The principal said, “Learn and Grow together”.

6. En Dash

En Dash (–) is a newly introduced topic in punctuation for Class 8 having a slightly larger horizontal line than a hyphen. It is used for indicating numbers, dates, or time ranges. The En dash can also be used for showing connection, conflict, or direction.

For Example:

(A) The Stars team was unbeatable in the 2018–19 season.
(B) The direct Delhi–Mumbai flight takes more than 2 hours.

7. Em Dash

Em Dash(—) is a punctuation mark that is used for replacing colons, commas, and parentheses.

Em dash usageExamples
ColonsWhen she saw him—almost 10 years later—He was having the same bike.
ParenthesesShe has to buy the shop to place the chairs—all 100 of them
CommasAfter weeks of discussion, we finally decided on the place for our next meeting—London.

8. Comma

The comma ( , ) is a punctuation that is used for the separation of phrases or items in a list.

For Example: 

(A) She brought sandwiches, apples, and noodles for the picnic.
(B) Harry, Chris, and Paul are going to attend the conference.

9. Apostrophe

Apostrophe( ‘ ) is a punctuation mark that is used in a word in place of missing letters. 

For Example: 

(A) I can’t remember his name.
(B) Sam’s notebook is on the table.

10. Colon

Colon( – ) is a punctuation that is a pause in a sentence that is used before a list or a quote.

For Example:

(A) Brad says: “Beautiful things are harder to find”.
(B) Brian worked hard for one purpose: to get the job he wanted.
(C) The time on his clock is 9:30 pm.

11. Parentheses(Brackets)

Parentheses are the curved marks that describe or clarify the word in a sentence.

For Example: 

(A) He won (Rs. 10,000) in a lottery.
(B) She is coming to our home after the conference (around 6:00 pm).

12. Slash

Slash( / ) is a punctuation that is used to separate words, letters or numbers.

 For Example: 

(A) Joe is driving the car at the speed of 120 km/hr.
(B) She was born on 13/7/1985.
(C) He/She is going to be the Chairman.

13. Ellipses

Ellipses (. . .) is a punctuation that has three dots and indicates the words that are not included in the sentence.

For Example: 

(A) All the students have to count the numbers from 0,1,2,3,4 . . .100.
(B) Would you like to have a cold drink, tea or. . .

14. Semicolon

The semicolon ( ; ) is a punctuation mark that is used for separating two independent clauses in a compound sentence.

For Example: 

(A) She did not study well; therefore, she must fail the exam.
(B) The cookies were delicious; they were sweet and crispy.

Punctuation For Class 8: Exercise

Punctuation For Class 8: Exercise

Source: Chetna Publications


Q1. What is the difficulty level of punctuation for Class 7?

Ans: Some of the punctuation marks are easy to understand, but some are harder, as there are lots of grammatical rules related to them that you need to understand.

Q2. What is the difference between an en dash and an em dash?

Ans: The en dash has a length nearly equal to the letter N, and the em dash has a length nearly equal to the letter M. The En dash is used for marking ranges while the em dash is used for splitting the extra information or marking the break in the sentences.

Q3. Why are semicolons used?

Ans: A semicolon is used to join the connected independent clauses that are not able to be joined by the coordinating conjunction.

Q4. What is the importance of punctuation for a Class 8 student?

Ans: Punctuation in class 8 is an important topic in the curriculum of students of the class. They must study it seriously, keeping in mind the additions that are included in the syllabus and the additional points that are added that were not there in the previous classes.

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This was all about the “Punctuation For Class 8: Learn The Basics of English Grammar” and more. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs. 

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