Run Around In Circles Meaning, Examples and Synonyms

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Run Around In Circles Meaning

The English language comprises a lot of idioms that an individual can use and understand in their daily life. One such Idiom is “run around in circles”. The meaning of run around in circles is doing something for a long period without any definite results or purposeless repetition. 

It was around 1942, that this idiom was first used in a novel called “Pursuit of a Parcel” by the author Patricia Wentworth. She mentioned that a character was “running around in circles” which means that there were no results from what that character was doing.

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Usage With Examples

“Run around in circles” can express a situation when an individual is putting a continuous effort into something without any result. 

This idiom can be used in a lot of personal as well as professional spaces. For personal space, when two people are talking about something and it implies that there are no results from their actions. In a professional space, in offices analyzing someone’s effort in their tasks. 

These are some of the sentences where a speaker can use it:

  1. The employees are running around in circles, and changing everything possible.
  2. This couple is running around in circles for months. They should get some professional help.
  3. They are just running around in circles. There is no point in this discussion.

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Other than using “Run around in circles”, the speaker can use the following synonyms and related phrases in place of this idiom:

  1. Repeating the same pattern
  2. Fighting a lost battle
  3. Wasting one’s effort
  4. Get nowhere

Run Around In Circles Meaning Quiz

Read the following carefully and answer the following question.

What does “Run around in circles” mean?

  • Repeating an unproductive pattern
  • Instant results from a behaviour
  • Productive behaviour
  • Following the correct path

The meaning of this idiom is Repeating an unproductive pattern.

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This was all about the idiom run around in circles meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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