Chinese Proverb about Family: Check Meanings and Explanation

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One of the oldest cultures in the world, the Chinese proverb about family is among the many ancient Chinese proverbs that teach us about the moral and traditional values that were followed by the people over the years. In a family, children learn several moral lessons from their parents. It is how values and learning are passed from generation to generation. Chinese culture is totally different from other countries; it is how they made what they learned from their ancestors. Additionally, Chinese people made these proverbs to have a happy family that will grow and be prosperous. In the blog, we have created a collection of Chinese proverbs about a family with their explanations that will help you learn something new.

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List Of Chinese Proverb About Family – Meaning

Chinese proverbs clearly describe the country’s culture giving a broader view about it. They have a different language from which these proverbs were translated into other languages. Here, we have combined a list of Chinese proverbs about family in the table along with their elaborated meaning for your reference. 

A state cannot have two monarchs or a family of two heads.The proverb explains that a family cannot have two heads. Similarly, a state cannot have two monarchs as it will create a situation of conflict between the two.
If the father is a tiger, then the son will also be a tiger.It suggests the idea that the son gets the skills and courage from his father. If the father is brave then the son will also be brave. 
The predecessors plant the tree, the descendants cool off in the shade.This proverb talks about the connection that families hold between different generations. One generation’s actions affect the other generations if the fathers have lots of money then their sons will enjoy that.
During difficult times, it’s your family that supports you.Family members have a strong emotional connection between them that makes them help each other during adversity.
Marry a chicken, follow a chicken; marry a dog, follow a dog.This traditional proverb represents the relationship of husband and wife in the past times. It means that the wife should accept the situation and accept things in a way that her husband wants. 

5 Chinese Proverb about Family for Everyday Life

The motivational Chinese proverbs about family give us an idea of how the families of the past would have lived together. People have learned from both the positive and negative experiences how the hard truths of life affected them. These powerful words of wisdom always have something to teach us in life. To add to the collection of proverbs here are some of the Chinese proverbs about family with explanation. 

If the house is cold then marry a man, you’ll have clothes to wear and rice to eat.

The proverbs indicate the traditional view of marriage and how the poor financial condition of the woman can be improved. In the past times in China, it was considered that if a woman was financially weak then she should get married to a man. It will help her get the food and the clothes to wear. 

Chinese proverb about family

Just as too much salt makes food taste bad, too many children make a mother’s life hard.

The Chinese proverb gives an imaginative comparison between salt and children. It means that too much salt in the food can make it taste worse. Similarly, having too many children can be a burden in the life of a mother creating complex problems.

Chinese proverb about family
East to west, home is best. “gold nest, silver nest, not as good as one’s family kennel”

The Chinese proverb tells us about the importance of home. It is considered to be best as wherever you go you will not be able to find a place like home. The ultimate destination where the family lives and people living far away just want to reach there. There is comfort at home which is harder to find anywhere else in the world.

Chinese proverb about family

Be diligent in the state, and thrifty in the home

The overall message that the proverb wants to give is to maintain a balance between work and life. One should perform his duties well in the workplace and society. People should manage their finances well at home so they can use during need. 

Even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute.

The person who is honest and makes a fair judgment sometimes finds it harder to solve the family dispute. Family relationships are made of emotions that are harder to break but once broken it is harder to bring back how they were before. Even a wise and honourable person finds it harder to solve these family disputes. 

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This was all about Chinese proverb about a family and their explanation. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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