Behind the Scenes Idiom Meaning, Usage With Examples

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Behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes idiom refers to the less visible or hidden activities of a particular event or situation, mostly those that take place backstage or away from the public eye. This phrase suggests that there are hidden or undisclosed activities or details that are important in making something happen or in understanding the entire picture.

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Usage With Examples

Behind the scenes can be used in various ways to highlight the hidden aspects of a process or task, whether it’s in the entertainment field or any workplace. Consider this example, ‘There is a lot that goes behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.’ Here are some more examples using this idiom.

  • ‘A student’s academic success completely depends on how much they study behind the scenes or at home.’
  • ‘Our Parents put a lot of effort behind the scenes, from planning our education to our comfort, taking care of everything.’
  • The owner of the company gave credit to all the employees who actively work behind the scenes to complete the targets on time.’
  • ‘Not everyone knows how hard athletes work behind the scenes to win a competition.’
  • ‘The completion is an easy part, as the real work is done behind the scenes.’

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Behind the Scenes Idiom Synonyms

The phrase ‘Behind the scenes’ has a lot of synonyms and similar terms that can be used interchangeably. Here are some of the synonyms that you can consider.

  • Behind the curtain
  • In the shadows
  • In private
  • Unseen or Unnoticed
  • Out of sight

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Behind the Scenes Quiz

All thanks to the soccer team’s behind-the-scenes hard work and dedication which allowed them to

  1. win the championship
  2. fail to qualify for the finals
  3. lose in the final match

Ans. win the championship.

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