+9 “Sagacious” Antonyms with Meaning and Examples

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Antonyms of Sagacious

A few common sagacious antonyms are foolish, ignorant, unwise, imprudent etc. These antonyms describe individuals or actions that lack wisdom, judgment, or discernment, contrasting with the characteristics of a sagacious person.

Meaning of Sagacious

“Sagacious” is an adjective used to describe someone who is wise, discerning, and possesses good judgment. It is often used to refer to individuals who have the ability to make sound decisions, show keen insight, and exhibit practical wisdom in various situations. A sagacious person is typically seen as someone who can navigate complex or challenging circumstances with intelligence and prudence.

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9+ Sagacious Antonyms

Here are some antonyms of “sagacious” listed below:

  1. Foolish
  2. Ignorant
  3. Unwise
  4. Senseless
  5. Injudicious
  6. Imprudent
  7. Unperceptive
  8. Unintelligent
  9. Thoughtless
  10. Inexperienced

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Usage with Examples

Here are a few examples of antonyms of sagacious are listed below for your convenience: 

  • The foolish decision to invest all his savings in a risky venture ultimately led to his financial ruin.
  • It was unwise to go hiking in the mountains without proper gear and knowledge of the terrain.
  • His injudicious comments during the meeting offended many of his colleagues.
  • The senseless act of vandalism left the community in shock and disbelief.
  • It was an imprudent move to quit his stable job without a backup plan.
  • His unintelligent response to the complex problem revealed his lack of critical thinking skills.

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Sagacious Antonyms Quiz 

Choose the correct antonym for “sagacious”:

  • Unwise
  • Hungry
  • Rich

Answer: Unwise

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