All Thumbs Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms, and Quiz

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all thumbs

The meaning of the idiom all thumbs is to describe someone who is clumsy or awkward, especially with their hands. The phrase suggests that the person lacks skill or coordination in handling objects or completing tasks.

Usage with Examples

Here are some examples of the use of “all thumbs” idiom in sentences:

  • Mary attempted to repair the shattered vase, but she was all thumbs, and it ended up breaking further.
  • The chef was a master in the kitchen, but when asked to repair a broken sink, he suddenly became all thumbs, not able to fix it properly.
  • When attempting to assemble the furniture, Jack felt like he was all thumbs, failing to fit the pieces together correctly.
  • I can’t believe John dropped the ball again during the game, he’s really all thumbs on the field. 
  • When it comes to cooking, I’m all thumbs.
  • Dad is usually good at fixing things, but when it came to repairing the bike, he was all thumbs and couldn’t get it working. 
  • Lisa is all thumbs when it comes to playing the piano.
  • The little boy wanted to tie his shoelaces by himself, but he was all thumbs and failed to do so. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to All Thumbs

Synonyms of “all thumbs” idiom:

  • Awkward, 
  • handless,
  • clumsy, 
  • ham-handed, 
  • ham-fisted, 
  • unskilled,
  • graceless, 
  • unhandy, 
  • left-handed, 
  • butterfingered, 
  • bunglesome,
  • cack-handed, 
  • uncoordinated, 
  • heavy-handed, 
  • maladroit,
  • inept, 
  • inexpert, 
  • gauche, and 
  • unskillful 
  • bungling

All Thumbs Meaning Quiz

He is really all thumbs as he

  1. Failed to catch the ball again.
  2. He Is a really good player.
  3. Is very competent. 

Correct Answer: a) Failed to catch the ball again.

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