A Bed of Roses Meaning, Definition, Example 

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A bed of roses meaning is symbolic of a situation or a place of utmost comfort and ease. Therefore, whenever a circumstance becomes favourable to someone, it becomes a bed of roses. The origin of the idiom can be traced back to Christopher Marlowe’s poem ‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’ (1576), in England. 

Both in the poem and in today’s world, the idiomatic phrases would be a right fit to talk about an easy option, an agreeable situation, a care-free living, and other similar situations. 

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Usage with Examples

The usage of the idiom a bed of roses is very appropriate to talk about positive, optimistic, critical or sometimes even negative habits or approaches. 

Let’s take a closer look at these examples to adapt a better usage of the idiom a bed of roses: 

  • After finishing her exams, she expected life to be a bed of roses, but she quickly realized that adulthood came with its own challenges.
  • John thought being a musician would be a bed of roses, but he soon discovered the harsh reality of touring and performing.
  • Sarah’s new job seemed like a bed of roses at first, but after a few months, she realized the workload and pressure were overwhelming.

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A Bed of Roses Synonyms

You can also use these idiomatic phrases as a bed of roses synonyms in your speech or writing: 

  • A Walk in the Park
  • Smooth sailing
  • Easy street
  • Plain sailing
  • A piece of cake

A Bed of Roses Meaning Quiz

Contrary to popular belief, being a celebrity is not always a bed of roses:

  • Constant scrutiny and invasion of privacy can take a toll on one’s mental health.
  • Sometimes you would have to take odd jobs to fill your belly. 
  • Constant projects will lead you to work overtime.

Answer: Constant scrutiny and invasion of privacy can take a toll on one’s mental health.

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