Glion Institute of Higher Education

Private University

Montreux, Switzerland

Situated in Glion Sur Montreux,Switzerland,Glion Institute of Higher Education is a hospitality management school which was established in 1962 as the Institut International de Glion.It is considered as one of the finest institutions for hospitality management.It has created a tranquil and focused l Read more

Highlights of Glion Institute of Higher Education

  • Glion Sur Montreux comprises of over 20000 students from a variety of backgrounds
  • It offers student-staff partnerships which includes academic partnerships that broadens students’ learning experience, research partnerships integrates students as researchers in their subject discipline, and the community partnerships which allows them to engage in the community.
  • It has an outstanding reputation within the hospitality industry.
  • Glion Sur Montreux offers four highly specialized and career-focused Master of Science programs: MSc in International Hospitality Business; MSc in Luxury Management and Guest Experience; MSc in Hospitality, Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and MSc in Finance, Real Estate and Hotel Development.

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