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Established in 1965, Algoma University Brampton as a college 1965 and has affiliations with Laurentian University in Sudbury.Later, the university was called Algoma University when the name was changed to Cambrian College. The university was awarded its first degree as an autonomous institution in 2009. Residential structures for students began to be built in 1995, and they were finished in 2005. The university's enrollment has significantly increased over the years. The institute was awarded university status in 2008 and today it is a fully autonomous university in Ontario.  Algoma University is a public institution and the main campus for Algoma University is situated in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Algoma University has been established to provide academic programs to meet the needs of students and employers alike. The vision of the university is not only to excel in academic excellence but also to offer cross-cultural learning experiences to students from different backgrounds and ethnicities from different parts of the globe.

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

Algoma University has three campuses which are the Sault Ste. Marie, the Timmins, and the Brampton. The institute campus is located in a vibrant town that is well-connected to nearby regions and is at the centre of various businesses and services.The campus consists of Digital classrooms, academic offices, research offices, administrative buildings etc. One can also find numerous facilities in and out of Algoma University's campuses like restaurants, parks, shopping malls, and art, culture, and entertainment centres. Algoma University provides numerous academic degrees. The college provides undergraduate degree options. Both 3-year and 4-year courses can be pursued through the programme. A variety of programmes are included in the university's academic framework, including those in biology, business, science, computer science, history, social work, sociology, political science, English, geography, psychology, music, fine arts, and community development.Algoma University also provides a variety of certificate and online learning programs as well as programs for Experiential Learning among other programs.

Accomplishments and Alumni 

Algoma University holds an annual ceremony to recognize the achievements of its alumni. The student's achievements in their selected field, their leadership qualities, and commitment to serving the community are considered when the university chooses to award and recognize its graduates. The Algoma University Alumni Council is a community to maintain a lifetime connection with its alma mater. It encourages its former graduates to actively participate in university events and activities and to promote and influence the masses to maintain the international recognition of Algoma University. The notable alumni of the institute are Michael Cachagee (human rights activist), Ryan Harnden (Olympics gold medallist), and Sherley Fletcher Horn (advocate).

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

Algoma University's student population makes a rich diversity and the institute ensures that every student has an enjoyable experience throughout the course of their studies. International students play the most important role at Algoma University and numerous services and support are available for them for assistance. Algoma University regularly holds academic, social, and cultural events for a transformative experience for each student. The male-to-female ratio is 48:52 at Algoma University. Faculty members have a wealth of information and experience to impart to students. Students get the chance to tour businesses and serve as interns for experts. Apart from this, numerous workshops and training are organized for students to guide them regarding jobs, career, and placement opportunities. 

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