How Can Schools Prioritize Mental Health

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How Can Schools in India Prioritize Mental Health

How Can Schools Prioritize Mental Health: Mental health awareness among students in Indian schools is one of the biggest problems in India that schools in India face to date. As per the latest survey conducted under the supervision of UNICEF, every year there are 2 out of 7 youngsters aged between 15 and 24 years are diagnosed with a poor mental health condition. The telly reaches 1 out of 7 when it comes to youngsters dealing with severe mental traumas or conditions. 

While the root of the cause stems from various identified and unidentified reasons, it is imperative that a blind eye is not turned towards the mental health conditions of students in India. It has become extremely important for schools to be vocal about the psychological aspects and prioritize mental health in schools before another student becomes a victim of the cause. 

5 Ways How Schools Can Prioritize Mental Health

The Indian school education system has been chastised for failing to effectively address mental health issues among students. Physical health was once thought to be the most important objective in schools. However, with increased understanding, the significance of mental health has become apparent. Keeping in consideration the need of the hour, we have listed five needed strategies that should be highly prioritised while promoting mental health in Indian schools.

Introduce Emotional Education Classes

Indian schools should implement emotional education workshops as a first and foremost step to prioritising mental wellness. Through these classes, institutions would educate pupils on various emotions and their significance. These lessons should teach students that emotions can be expressed in a variety of ways without causing harm to themselves or others. The educational approach should be interactive, allowing students to participate in activities that help them identify, respond to, and manage their emotions.

Encourage Physical Activity 

Regular exercise has been demonstrated in studies and the latest survey as the greatest source to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. As a result, physical activities have slowly started to be prioritised in Indian schools to improve mental health. To begin with, sports classes should be required to ensure that every student participates in physical activities. School sports teams should be formed to assist pupils to develop cooperation skills as well as social ties and a sense of belonging within the school.

Establish Foster Peer Support Networks

Indian Education System is lagging behind when it comes to educating psychological aspects of importance to students. Therefore, peer support networks should be established in Indian schools to assist kids who are experiencing mental health issues. Peer networks can be formed through after-school programmes, clubs, and mental health support groups facilitated by experienced experts.

Develop On-campus Counseling Service Team

Creating a counselling service system that would be always available for students is another method to prioritise mental health in Indian schools. Schools could establish a counselling centre staffed by experienced professional therapists where kids can discuss their mental health issues in a discreet and safe setting. This service will assist students in addressing their issues and providing the assistance required to move forward.

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Prioritizing mental health schools is the gravest concern of the present world. Since students are the future of this nation, Indian schools can create a supportive and healthy environment for students to learn and grow while also prioritising their mental health by offering emotional education classes, encouraging physical activity, fostering peer support networks, developing counselling services, and reducing academic pressure. Implementing these tactics will aid in the development of kids’ mental resilience and emotional stability, as well as their overall well-being.

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