Top 10 Strategies for Successful Online Learning You Must Apply

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strategies for successful online learning

Online learning, no doubt is one of the most flexible ways to learn a subject or a topic of interest. Moreover, earning a degree or certificate online is a more affordable option than going to a regular class. However, it is a new concept. Before starting to learn online you must be aware of certain strategies that can set you up for a successful course completion. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided 10 strategies for successful online learning. You can read these tips and apply them while taking your next class online.

The Environment Matters 

One of the most important strategies for successful online learning is to set up a productive learning environment.  You need to find a distraction-free environment at your workplace or home to start online learning. Focus is important. Therefore, in any other regular class, you must clear your schedule, dedicate the time, and find a perfect environment to learn.

strategies for successful online learning

Conquer Logistics 

Another excellent strategies for successful online learning is to conquer logistics. Make sure you have the important information easily available. For example, the support number for your educational institution, email address and phone number. This will prevent you from going for information hunting when you need it.  You must also arrange the tech requirements beforehand. For example,  if a course demands video conferencing software, download it before sitting down for the live lecture. It is also important to download the resources (if available) offline and reduce your reliance on Wifi. You must also never forget to save your work before you log out.

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Create Learning Schedules to Complete Tasks

strategies for successful online learning

Enrolling in 3 different online classes at the same time is not a great idea. It can only create stress. Therefore, it is best to allocate different times for each lesson. This way, you won’t procrastinate and complete all your assignments. As per  Dr. Hatten, one method of doing this is enrolling in a single class between 11 am to 3 pm. This schedule is similar to an on-site class. Setting up an agenda for each week is also helpful. You must also track deadlines so you won’t miss any deadlines.

Utilise Resources 

A good online class would provide you with the necessary resources. This can be video-based content, live lessons, PDFS, notes, audio recordings, etc. It is important to make use of all the resources an e-learning platform would offer you, If you are taking a recorded lesson then pause the video, and create a lesson summary. In case you are watching a live lesson avoid taking notes then and there if the video is available later on. Ask questions by raising your virtual hand and be engaged.

Engage in Peer Discussions 

strategies for successful online learning

The strategies for successful online learning include engaging in peer discussions. Make use of the small group discussions available. This will give you a chance to listen to other learner’s perspectives and review or challenge material. You can also choose to engage in virtual interactions with platforms such as GroupMe or Microsoft Teams. 

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Utilise ‘Chunking Strategy’ for Tasks 

Chunking Strategy means to take a large task and divide it into smaller units. You don’t need to sit for hours straight staring at your computer. Choose a single class, complete one task, and reward yourself. The reward can be getting a coffee, going for a run, or just staying away for half an hour. Later on, come back and finish the next task or the next ‘chunk’.

Practise Makes Perfect 

strategies for successful online learning

Since you are learning online there is nobody to tell you to do your homework. You will have to be disciplined and practise the exercises available online. To make your habits stick, it is important to practise what you have learned. For example, mathematic calculations. Apply your knowledge in different contexts, and reflect on what you have learnt. This will help you to truly understand the concepts learnt. This is one of the most important strategies for successful online learning.

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Increase Your Interest in the Topic

Doing assignments and completing tasks can sometimes be draining. Rather than waving it off, it is better to think about how you can make the assignment or task interesting. As per Dr. Park, you can think critically about how helpful the assignment would be in the future. Reminding yourself of your goals can be an effective way to increase your interest in your subject area.  For example, getting your dream job after the course completion.

Take Care of Yourself 

strategies for successful online learning

The strategies for successful online learning include taking care of yourself. You need a healthy mind and body to learn. Self-care for online learning would mean selecting flexible timings, scheduling breaks (for example, walking, turning off distractions, etc), and maintaining healthy habits like exercise, staying hydrated, eating well, and sleeping on time.

Develop Compassion for Others 

Another one of the strategies for successful online learning is developing compassion for other learners. Every learner is different and has different experiences. Therefore, it is important to develop patience for fellow learners who may not know how to set up a different video chat or those who are taking more time to adjust to ‘online learning’. This will ensure that everyone in the class everyone learns all the topics.

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What are success strategies for online learning?

Making sure you have a distraction-free environment to learn, organising your schedule, making use of available resources, and practising what you have learnt are some of the top success strategies for successful online learning.

What is the biggest key to success in online learning?

The biggest key to success in online learning is scheduling the time and developing the discipline to learn. Aside from that you must know your learning tools and must make use of the online resources available to you.

How students develop online learning skills 7 tips from successful online students?

There are 7 skills for successful online learning: They are creating a time management strategy, online discussions, making friends with fellow learners, staying motivated, setting up a personal learning schedule, staying organised, and having an open mind to learn.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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