Top Free & Paid Abacus Teacher Training Course Online 

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Abacus Teacher Training Course Online Free

Abacus teacher training courses help in learning the abacus-based mental arithmetic system. It also helps in improving brain skills such as Mathematics, concentration, listening, and creativity. Fortunately, there are several abacus teacher training courses online free and paid. These courses can be completed in the comfort of your home. Some of them even come with a certification! Keep reading to find out the best abacus teacher training courses in India.

Course Name Provided By
Indian Abacus Online Self-Learning Portal CourseIndian Abacus
Abacus & Vedic Maths Courses Roots the Abacus Learning School
Abacus Course OnlineIndian Institute of Vedic Maths and Abacus 
Abacus Gyan CoursesAbacus Gyan Educational institution 
Abacus Teacher Training course Abacus Teacher Training Institute
Abacus Teacher Training Online Brainbay 
Abacus Masterclass Beginner LevelUdemy

7 Best Abacus Teacher Training Courses Online 

The abacus teacher training program helps in calculating mathematical problems effectively. Sometimes even better than an actual calculator. Below is the list of the best abacus teacher training course online free and paid. We have included the course fees, duration, and other details for your reference.

Indian Abacus Online Self-Learning Portal Course

abacus teacher training course online free
Credit: indianabacus.com

The Indian Abacus online self-learning portal is offering one of the finest abacus teacher training course online free. The course helps in learning the basics of using Abacus. To enroll in this course you must know 1-100 numbers and basic operations of addition and subtraction. The course helps you learn to solve simple addition and subtractions, perform mental arithmetic sums, and how to use an abacus. However, certification is not available.

Level Beginner 

Website: https://www.indianabacus.com/free-online-abacus

Learn how to become a teacher 

Abacus & Vedic Maths Courses

abacus teacher training course online free

Roots the Abacus Learning School provides ISO-certified abacus teacher training course online free. This short-term course is suitable for anyone wanting to teach a child below the age of 14. This is a cost-effective course and is available 100% online. No time limit is set for course completion. The course has a high success percentage and customer support services are also available. Later on, you can also enrol in an abacus maths for kids program.

Level Beginner 
Certificate Yes 


Abacus Course Online

abacus teacher training course online free
Credit: iiva.in

The Indian Institute of Vedic Maths and Abacus is offering a leading abacus teacher training course online free. The curriculum offered is advanced and covers the latest methodologies. This a level-based course and takes approximately 6 months to complete. A certificate is also available after completion of the course. A dedicated tutor is allocated for each student. Even children 5-12 years of age can enrol in this course. 

Level Beginner 
Duration6-month course 
FeeFree demo
Certificate Yes 


Abacus Gyan Courses 

abacus teacher training course online free
Credit: abacusgyan.com

Abacus Gyan Educational institution is offering some of the best abacus teacher training course online free. These are compiled YouTube video courses on Abacus. Therefore, they are available free of cost. You do not need a teaching or mathematics qualification to enrol. The drawback? There is no feedback system available. Moreover, those who complete the course will not receive a certificate.

Level Beginner 
Duration6 hours
Fee1500/- per level
Certificate Yes 


Abacus Teacher Training course 

abacus teacher training course online free
Credit: abacustrainer.com

The Abacus Teacher Training Institute is offering an Abacus teacher training course for students. Interactive live online classes are held for students. Basics to advanced learning lessons from (1-10 level) are taught. Performance analysis after every test is provided. The course has flexible timings and comes with a certificate. 

Level Beginner 
Duration20 hours
FeeINR 2500 (per week)
Certificate Yes 


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Abacus Teacher Training Online 

abacus teacher training course online free
Credit: brainbay.in

Brainbay is offering another excellent abacus teacher training course online free. You will have to dedicate at least 20 hours to complete this course. Lessons cover 4 levels. Online live classes are held. Anyone can enrol in this course. 1-1 focus is given to every individual enrolling in this programme. The drawback? This is not a free course. 

Level Beginner 
Certificate Yes 


Abacus Masterclass Beginner Level

abacus teacher training course online free
Credit: Udemy

Udemy is offering an Abacus masterclass Beginner Level. In this course, you will learn the importance of the abacus, how to hold the abacus and pencil, count up to 8-9 digit numbers and read and set any number between  ‘0’ to ‘999999999’ on the Abacus. There is no need to have an abacus tool. You can use any abacus app to learn. This course is available free of cost. The course has been rated 3.5 on Udemy. 

Level Beginner 
Duration44 min
Certificate Yes 


Learn about addition and subtraction word problems 

Scope of an Abacus Teacher Training Course Online Free

An abacus teacher training course online free is available to everyone. After completion of this course, you can pursue a career as an abacus teacher, abacus trainer, teacher cum coordinator, primary teacher, abacus and phonics teacher, abacus and Vedic maths teacher, PRT teacher, or part-time teacher among others. However, it is important to meet other eligibility criteria for the job as well. It is advisable to enrol in a certificate abacus teacher training course online for employment purposes. 

Abacus Teacher Salary Average 

The salary of an abacus teacher on average is INR 22. 1 Lakh. The data presented below is as per the Ambition Box.

Designation Annual Salary Range 
Abacus Teacher INR 1.2 lakh- INR 40,0 lakh 


How do I become a certified abacus teacher?

To become a certified abacus teacher you must complete an abacus teacher training course. Several websites such as Udemy, Indianabacus.com, etc provide certified abacus teacher training programs.

Can I learn abacus online for free?

Yes. There are abacus teacher training courses online for free. For example, the Udemy abacus masterclass, and Roots Abacus Leaning School Abacus course are available free of cost. 

How long is the abacus course for teachers?

An online abacus course length depends on the website you are learning from. Generally, an abacus course of 3 months is sufficient to learn the abacus methods, calculations and techniques.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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