Speak Volumes Idiom Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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speak volumes idiom meaning

When someone conveys a lot of information without using words, we use the “speak volumes ” idiom, meaning their actions express a lot more thoughts and opinions than they are meant to. The phrase is often used to describe something that shows or expresses a person’s feelings, thoughts, character, or situation very clearly. 

For example, if someone looks very angry or sad, you can say that their face speaks volumes. Or, if someone does something very kind or brave, you can say that their action speaks volumes about their personality. This idiom has been used in English since the early 1800s, coming from the idea that something can reveal as much information as a book or a volume of books. 

Usage With Examples

Here’s how you can implement the “speak volumes” idiom meaning in a correct manner in a sentence:

  1. The results of the survey speak volumes about public opinion on the new policy.
  2. She didn’t say anything, but her tears spoke volumes. She was heartbroken by his betrayal.
  3. The awards and recognition he received speak volumes for his achievements and contributions.
  4. The state of his room spoke volumes about his lack of organization and discipline.
  5. His generosity and kindness speak volumes about his character and values.
  6. The applause and cheers spoke volumes. They loved his performance.

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Synonyms and Similar Words

Given below are some phrases and words that have the same meaning as the “speak volumes” idiom:

  1. Says a lot
  2. Tells a story
  3. Reveal a lot
  4. Says a great deal
  5. Says something
  6. Shows very clearly
  7. Clearly indicates
  8. Provides essential/important information
  9. Reveals a lot of information
  10. Conveys a great deal
  11. Designates
  12. Represents
  13. Denotes
  14. Demonstrates
  15. Embodies
  16. Gives knowledge
  17. Expresses volumes
  18. Implies
  19. Gives idea
  20. Hints at

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Speak Volumes Idiom Meaning Quiz

Which of the following sentences uses the idiom “speak volumes” incorrectly?

A) The number of likes and comments on his post spoke volumes. He was very popular and influential. 

B) She spoke volumes when she shouted at him. She was very rude and ungrateful.

C) The quality of his work spoke volumes about his professionalism and skills. 

D) The condition of the car spoke volumes about how much he cared for it.

The correct answer is B. 

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