Right as Rain Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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right as rain meaning

When we want to reassure someone, we say that everything is “right as rain”, meaning that everything is well and fine. The idiom “Right as Rain” implies that the overall situation or circumstance is in a satisfactory state or condition. This phrase is also used to indicate that a person is in good health.

Although having no official origin, this idiom is believed to have started in late 19th century Britain. Since the damp climate was Britain’s trademark weather all year around, the rain was considered normal. So, everything was all right if it was raining!

Usage With Examples

Here’s how you can use the idiom “Right as Rain” the correct way in a sentence:

  1. After a good night’s sleep, I felt right as rain and ready for the day.
  2. Don’t worry about me, I’m right as rain after taking some medicine.
  3. She was worried about the exam, but she did right as rain and passed with flying colours.
  4. He had a minor accident, but he’s right as rain now and back to work.

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Right as Rain: Synonyms and Similar Words

Here’s a list of synonyms and phrases that have the same meaning as the idiom “Right as Rain”:

  1. As fit as a fiddle
  2. In good shape
  3. Hunky-dory
  4. Perfectly fine
  5. Tip-top
  6. In the pink
  7. As good as gold
  8. Just fine

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Right as Rain Meaning Quiz

Choose the correct meaning of the idiom “Right as Rain” in the following sentence:

She had a fever yesterday, but she’s right as rain today.

A) She’s very wet and cold. 

B) She’s perfectly fine and healthy. 

C) She’s very angry and upset. 

D) She’s very confused and lost.

Correct answer: B) She’s perfectly fine and healthy.

We hope that this blog helped you understand the idiom “Right as Rain” meaning, synonyms, and usage. Stay tuned to our Learn English Page to learn more such idioms and phrases!

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