Back Against the Wall Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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The meaning of the idiom back against the wall is being in a difficult or tough situation where one’s resources are confined and limited, and one is under pressure or in immediate danger.

It suggests that you’re in a precarious situation with little room for movement or escape. The figurative use of the expression carries the same sense of being cornered or having limited flexibility.

Moreover, it also signifies a feeling of being trapped or concerned leaving no choice but to confront the situation head-on.

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Usage with Examples

The idiom expression can be used in a situation where one faces a sense of urgency, resourcefulness and determination to overcome obstacles successfully.

Moreover, it conveys a situation where one feels threatened and one needs to act creatively or decisively to overcome obstacles and challenges.

We have mentioned below a few examples where students can use the idiom “back against the wall.”

  • With just two minutes remaining, they have their backs against the wall and need a miracle to win.
  • Rahul has his back against the wall. He needs to find a job quickly to avoid bankruptcy.
  • With their backs against the wall, they managed to score four goals and win the game in an incredible comeback.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Back Against The Wall

Mentioned below are a few synonyms and related words regarding the back against the wall:

  • at the end of one’s rope
  • running out of time
  • vain
  • dead duck

Back Against the Wall Meaning Quiz

What is the meaning of the idiom in the sentence, “With their backs against the wall, they managed to score four goals and win the game in an incredible comeback”?

  1. The adversity of the situation.
  2. Being in a tough spot.
  3. Turning the tide.

Answer: Being in a tough spot

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