7 Idioms for Time That You Should Know!

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idioms for time

Idioms are sayings that hold significance within a specific culture or language but do not logically make sense when taken apart. Time-related idioms can be applied in various situations, such as to depict time passing (“time waits for no one”), to refer to a particular moment (“at the last minute”), or to describe regular events (“like clockwork”). Many of the most popular idioms about time emphasise time passing too quickly, yet idioms about time are imaginative sayings that discuss specific times or occasions figuratively. Mentioned below are the idioms for time that you can use in your day-to-day life.

Time is of the Essence

Time is limited, and deadlines must be met; completing anything in a timely manner is important.

Example: The doctors need to operate right now; time is of the essence.

A Whale of Time

To have a very enjoyable time.

Example: I spent the summer holidays in Paris and had a whale of a time!

Living on Borrowed Time

To continue living after a point at which you might easily have died.

Example: Ever since his 101st birthday, he feels like he’s living on borrowed time.

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Too Much Time on Hands

To have too much free time available without anything important to do.

Example: These kids have too much time on their hands.

Crack of Dawn

The crack of dawn means very early in the morning.

Example: We are leaving this place at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

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Better Late Than Never

 Doing something late is better than not doing it at all.

Example: We only arrived at the movie at halftime but better late than never.

Beat the Clock

To succeed in something before running out of time.

Example: Use a timer and ask the student to beat the clock.

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These were all the idioms for time. To read more about idioms you can check our page at Leverage Edu.

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