Go Down in Flames Meaning, Examples and Synonyms 

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Go Down in Flames

The idiom “go down in flames” is often used to describe a situation or endeavor that fails dramatically or disastrously. It signifies a complete and utter failure, often accompanied by chaos or destruction.

 When someone or something goes down in flames, it means they experience a spectacular downfall or defeat.

This idiom can be applied to various contexts, ranging from personal relationships to professional ventures. It conveys the idea of a catastrophic outcome, where all efforts or hopes end in failure.

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Usage with Examples 

Here are some examples showcasing the usage of the idiom “go down in flames”:

1. The team’s ambitious project went down in flames when they couldn’t secure the necessary funding.

2. Despite their best efforts, the company’s marketing campaign went down in flames, resulting in a significant loss of customers.

3. The politician’s scandalous revelations caused his career to go down in flames, leading to public humiliation and resignation.

4. The entrepreneur’s promising startup went down in flames due to mismanagement and lack of market demand.

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Synonyms and Similar Expressions 

Here are some synonyms and related expressions that convey a similar meaning to “go down in flames”:

1. Crumble

2. Collapse

3. Fail spectacularly

4. Meet with disaster

5. Bite the dust

6. Go up in smoke

Go Down in Flames Meaning Quiz

Complete the following sentence with the appropriate meaning of “go down in flames”:

The singer’s highly anticipated concert tour _____.

A) Succeeded beyond expectations

B) Ended abruptly

C) Received rave reviews

Ans. B) Ended abruptly

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