Self Introduction with Work Experience

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self introduction with work experience

Fresher or more experienced, the job interview can be a little stressful for everyone especially when the question asked is “Tell us about your work experience”. Self Introduction is one of the most important things about the candidates which every interviewer wants to know, and pepping it up with your work experience increases the chances of selection. 

Are you a fresher? Don’t panic! Even freshers can talk about their internships and project responsibilities. In the blog given below, the candidates will get to know how to deliver a self-introduction with work experience, tips for self-introduction and examples of self-introduction.

Self Introduction in an Interview with Work Experience

While you are giving a  self-introduction, make sure you cover all the details in that. Mentioned below is the roadmap to frame the perfect self-introduction answer in an interview while mentioning your work experience:

Study Job Description

Before appearing for the interview read the job description and get familiarised with the job role and the position you are applying for. Briefly understand what the role requires like skills and daily tasks. You must know what kind of tools are needed for the job role.

Make Clear Connections 

In this section make sure you mention your work experiences related to the job position you are applying for. Use the information from your resume to identify the task which is mentioned in the job description.

Practice Your Answers

Before going for the interview, frame your answers according to what you are going to say in your self-introduction, about your work experience, and qualifications. While preparing for the interview take help from your resume and tell about your past experiences that are relevant to the new job.

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The candidate who will be appearing for the interview whether fresher or experienced must prepare the questions for the interview. Below mentioned are the questions related to your work experience during an interview.

Q1- What experience do you have achieved with this Job?

In this answer, the interviewer knows about your work experience through your resume. While answering this question keep your answer sweet and simple. Mention your prior work experience and why it will help you in your recent job.

Q2- What you have learned about yourself from your work experience?

It is one of the toughest questions asked in the interview. In this question mention your positive side.

Q3- How will your colleagues tell you about you?

This is one of the most common questions asked in the interview. This question mentions how much capable you are.

Q4- What do you find the most pleasing part of your job?

While answering this question the interviewer will give you the chance to show your true self and how much positive you are.

Q5- What was the hardest part of your job?

While answering this question mention what work you were not able to do or what work you find more difficult.

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Example of Self Introduction in an Interview with Work Experience

Here are certain examples of Self Introduction that a person can use in Job Interviews to talk about their work experience.

Example 1:

Good morning sir/madam. My name is (candidate name) and I am from (city name). I have done (graduation) from ABC College/. My (Post graduation/Diploma) was from XYZ College. I have (number ) years of work experience in the (name) department. And I currently work as a (job role), in (name firm). I am an observant person who maintains a positive attitude and I have closed a lot of deals for the organisations I have worked with. I am also civilised in various aspects of sales and marketing. My success in making strategies and executing them in campaigns is always praised. I am extremely organized and disciplined which enables me to deliver results within given deadlines. Thank you. 

Example 2:

Good morning sir/madam. My name is (name), and I am from (city name). I am an experienced graphic designer with a number of years of experience. I have been in freelance graphic designing for various clients. For the past few years, I am working at (company’s name) as a graphic designer. I will say that I’m the kind of person who is creative and responsible. My ability to work within tight deadlines has always kept me on par with urgent work. I have used a lot of software like Adobe, and CorelDRAW, and I’m eager to learn how to use new software as well. Ensuring high-quality work is my prime work ethic. I am confident that I will be an asset to the design team in whatever position I am given. Thanks 


1 How do you introduce yourself in work experience?

Begin by introducing yourself with your name. If it seems relevant, you can also mention your current role or educational background.

2 What is the best self introduction?

Describe yourself stating your full name and a brief introduction. Just give a small detail about your family. Always keep your body relaxed with confident body language. Maintain contact with them and nod at appropriate times.

3 How do you write an experience summary?

Start off your resume summary by mentioning your job title and years of experience, your general expertise, and one or two of your top accomplishments.

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