But Synonyms in Hindi क्या है, जानिए वाक्य प्रयोग के साथ?

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But Synonyms in Hindi

But Synonyms in Hindi के माध्यम से आप But का सिनोनिम्स के बारे में जान पाएंगे, But का सिनोनिम्स “However, Although और Otherwise” आदि होते हैं। इस पोस्ट में आपको But का सिनोनिम्स शब्द के बारे में पता चलेगा, जो आपके ज्ञान को बढ़ाएंगे। जो कि निम्नलिखित हैं-

  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • Nonetheless
  • Yet
  • Still
  • Though
  • Although
  • Conversely
  • On the other hand
  • In contrast
  • On the contrary
  • Otherwise
  • Except
  • Except for
  • Conversely
  • Instead
  • Conversely
  • Conversely
  • Even so, etc.

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But Synonyms in Hindi का वाक्यों में प्रयोग

But सिनोनिम्स का वाक्यों में प्रयोग निम्नलिखित है-

  • I wanted to go to the party; however, I had to finish my work first.
  • She’s talented, but she lacks confidence.
  • The weather was rainy; nevertheless, we decided to go for a hike.
  • He’s a great chef, yet he rarely cooks at home.
  • It’s a long journey, still, it’s worth it to see the beautiful countryside.
  • Though it was late, we continued to search for the missing keys.
  • Although it was expensive, I bought the concert tickets.
  • The book is dense; on the other hand, it’s incredibly informative.
  • It’s a challenging task, but on the contrary, it’s also very rewarding.
  • I could stay home and relax, but instead, I chose to volunteer at the shelter.
  • She’s known for her kindness; conversely, he’s known for his arrogance.
  • He promised to help, otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken on the project.
  • We invited everyone except for John, who had a prior commitment.
  • The painting was colorful, except for the dark, ominous sky.
  • The movie was entertaining; even so, it had some flaws.
  • It’s a risky investment; however, that may be the key to big returns.

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Synonyms किसे कहते हैं?

Synonyms अंग्रेजी भाषा का शब्द है, जो कि इंग्लिश ग्रामर का एक टॉपिक होता है। Synonyms को हिन्दी में समानार्थी या पर्यायवाची शब्द कहा जाता है, यह ऐसे शब्द या वाक्यांश होते हैं, जिसका अर्थ दूसरे शब्द या वाक्यांश के समान या लगभग समान होता है।

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