7 Best Masters of Real Estate Development Online Courses in 2024

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masters of real estate development online

Real Estate is a field that offers excellent earning potential and upward mobility. Therefore, the real estate development courses are in demand. After completing a master of real estate development online students can choose to work as a real estate manager, property manager, leasing agent, and leasing consultant, among others. The best part is, that several universities around the world offer this course. The course is flexible and is available at a reasonable price. Keep reading to learn more about masters of real estate development online.

Georgetown UniversityOnline Master’s In Real Estate 
Florida International University MS in International Real Estate
University of Arizona Master of Real Estate Development 
NYUM.S. in Real Estate Development (MSRED)
Fordham UniversityMaster of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED)
Auburn UniversityMaster of Real Estate Development
IE University Masters in Real Estate Development 

Why Enroll in an Online Master’s in Real Estate Program?

To determine whether an online program is the right fit a few things need to be taken into consideration. These are as follows:

  1. Learning Style: Consider the learning style that you are comfortable with. Masters of real estate development online would have less built-in structure compared to offline learning. Hence, time management and discipline are needed to complete the same. On-campus learning is the best option if peer group support and classroom is necessary for the learning process. 
  2. Flexibility: In terms of flexibility master of real estate development online is the right option. It would help a student to manage the daily tasks and complete a course. 
  3. Budget: Distance education is the right option if the student wants to cut down the transportation, housing, and other expenses. The tuition fees are also comparatively less. However, some online courses require frequent on-campus visits. 

How To Find the Right Online Master’s Course in Real Estate?

There are several points you need to consider before enrolling in a master course in real estate development online. These are as follows:

  1. Career goals: The student must be clear about his/her future goals before enrolling in any master of real estate development online course. For example, completing a master’s degree would help a person stand out from the crowd. As per the  National Association of Realtors (July 2023) realtors with graduate degrees are only 12% in the US.
  2. The time needed to enter the workforce: Those who want to enter the workforce immediately can consider obtaining a licensure. On the other hand, those who have little time in their hand can dedicate 12-18 months to complete the master’s in the field. 
  3. The plan to obtain a license: Another thing a student needs to consider is the plan to obtain a license. In case, a person wants to buy and sell houses later on it is best to obtain a license first.  A few months must be dedicated to the same. It is important to note that some master’s programs would have the license included in the syllabus. 

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Accreditation for an Online Master’s in Real Estate

While deciding to pursue a master’s in real estate development online, it is important to keep the university accreditation in mind. The only way to obtain student financial assistance, and have high employability is to complete the degree from an accredited university. For example, the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

The program accreditation is not generally available in real estate. However, those who pursue a degree in a business college can obtain department accreditation. For example, MBA real estate accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

7 Best Universities for Masters of Real Estate Development Online Courses 

Here is a list of the 7 best masters of real estate development online courses. The fees, duration, level, and other details are provided for your convenience. 

Georgetown University Online Master’s In Real Estate 

Credit: Georgetown University 

The Georgetown University masters of real estate development online is one of the finest courses. The program can be undertaken either part-time or full-time. The online classes have 18–20 class sizes. Students will get plenty of time to have 1-1 time with the instructors. Students can partake in events, and development workshops, and can connect with a powerful network of the student community. Moreover, even online students can attend campus classes!

Format On-campus and online 
Duration 2-5 years 

Website: https://scs.georgetown.edu/programs/71/online/online-masters-in-real-estate/

FIU Online MS in International Real Estate

Credit: business.fiu.edu

Florida International University is offering the largest real estate program in Florida. That too online! The FIU Faculty has been ranked number 1 worldwide for real estate faculty research (As per the Journal of Real Estate Literature). The program offered by the university can be completed within a year. Moreover, it will help a student to learn about the latest technologies, expand the real estate network, and earn credit for various real estate industry positions and licenses. 

Format Fully online
Duration 10 to 12 months

Website: https://business.fiu.edu/academics/graduate/international-real-estate-online/

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University of Arizona Master of Real Estate Development 

Credit: capla.arizona.edu

Do you know 95% of the Master of Real Estate Development graduates find employment within a year of graduation? The ASU masters of Real Estate Development online course can be completed in a year. Moreover, funding is available for qualified students. The course would focus on 3 areas: real estate development finance, real estate development analysis, and real estate development practice. 

Format online
Duration 12 months 
Fees$850/unit + $228 fees for 9+ units

Website: https://capla.arizona.edu/academics/master-real-estate-development

NYU M.S. in Real Estate Development (MSRED)

Credit: sps.nyu.edu

New York University is offering another good onsite and hybrid real estate development course. The program concentrations include sustainable development, global development, and business development. To obtain a degree students would have to complete a capstone course to demonstrate theri knowledge.  Interested students can attend the ‘ Explore Graduate Opportunities SPS session’ to meet the team members, and learn more about the program.

Format online
Duration 13 months


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Fordham University Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED)

Credit: fordham.edu

Fordham University’s Master of Science in Real Estate Development is best known for its course flexibility. The classes can be completed 100% online, or  100% in person. Learners can also choose the daytime hybrid or evening hybrid option. Students can access world-class faculty, site visits to major development projects in New York City, the Mentorship Program, and other professional networking opportunities. Moreover, the GRE/GMAT is waived off as an entry requirement. 

Credit36 credits
Format 100% Online/in person
Duration NA
Fees$150 per semester (Tuition Cost: $1,551 per credit )


Auburn University Master of Real Estate Development

Credit: harbert.auburn.edu

Do you know that Auburn Universitys Master’s in Real Estate Degree Programs has been ranked number 1 in the country in 2022 and 2023 by the Intelligent? This is a blended course that allows a student to develop their career in real estate. The classes emphasize developing industry-specific skills in architecture, finance, construction, market analysis, law, and planning.  The course would include field studies in one international and three domestic real estate development sites. 

Format Blended course
Duration NA


IE University Masters in Real Estate Development 

Credit: ie.edu

The IE university is providing another good master course of real estate development online. The course can be completed either full-time on campus or in a part-time format. The course offers flexibility. Hence, students can choose to study face-to-face or online. The course can be completed within 12-15 months. Although the university is situated in Spain, the medium of instruction is in English.  The course is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Learners can gain insights from the university’s global network by using interactive case study methods. 

Format In-person | Blended
Duration 10 -15 months
FeesAvailable on request at the official website 



What major is best for real estate development?

A program that focuses solely on real estate is not easily available. However, students can major in subjects such as accounting, management, engineering, construction management, law, and finance. Thus, excelling in areas associated with the job.

Can Masters be done online?

Yes. A master’s degree can be obtained online. Some of the universities offer blended courses (in-person and online), and several other universities offer 100% online courses. Thus, the MA online courses offer flexibility to students. 

What is MSc real estate?

An MSc in Real estate is a degree that enables students to understand the real estate markets and the techniques applied in real estate. A student will develop the skills necessary to start a career in the real estate industry. 

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