10 Best Online Psychology Degrees to Apply in 2024

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Best Online Psychology Degrees

Online psychology degrees are best for those seeking to pursue a career in the field. Some of the popular psychology career options include Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist, Counselor, Social worker, and Sports psychologist, among many others. The benefit of choosing an online psychology degree is that it can be completed in the comfort of your home. There is flexibility, and the course is available at a lower price when compared to a regular degree program. Moreover, the certifications provided by some of the best universities in the world are valuable. Keep reading to learn more about the best online psychology degrees you can apply.

Best Online Psychology DegreesUniversity 
BA PsychologyUniversity of Florida 
Psychology, B.A.National Louis University
Bs PsychologyUniversity of Utah 
Psychology (BS/BA)George Mason University
Bachelor of Arts in PsychologyUniversity of Massachusetts-Lowell 
BA in PsychologyFlorida International University
BA in PsychologyUniversity of Missouri-Columbia 
Psychology, B.SJohn Brown University 
Psychology onlineOklahoma State University-Main Campus
Psychology BA/BSOregon State University 

10 Best Online Psychology Degrees

Here is a list of the top 10 online psychology degrees. The course duration, fees, credits, and other details are provided for your reference. Generally, the online psychology degrees come with 120 credits.

University of Florida BA Psychology

best online psychology degree

Do you know the University of Florida is ranked no. for online BA Psychology by the US News and World Report in 2023? The University accepts transfer credits 0-11 for freshman admission. This is one of the best online psychology degree programs. The subject faculty has expertise in 5 areas of study including neuroscience, and counselling psychology. Those who graduate are well-prepared for advanced programs such as law and medicine. The online students will receive the same degree as the on-campus students. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 120
Degree CertificationYes

Website: https://ufonline.ufl.edu/degrees/undergraduate/psychology/

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National Louis University Psychology, B.A.

best online psychology degree
Credit: nl.smartcatalogiq.com

The National Louis University is offering one of the finest  Psychology, B. A degree program. The course is available online and in a blended format. To complete the course, students require a  180 QH including a 60 QH of General Education. Moreover, students must obtain a minimum grade of C in their core courses. The program allows students to take up any minor or concentration that is separate from their area of study. The program accepts credits for prior learning as well. 

Course TypeOnline & Blended 
Credit 180 quarter hours
Degree CertificationYes


University of Utah Bs Psychology Degree 

best online psychology degree
Credit: online.utah.edu

The University of Utah is offering one of the best online psychology degrees. Students who enroll in the Bs Psychology program online can take part in group assignments, contribute to discussion forums, and communicate with the instructor directly via email. Moreover, they can connect with the instructors in the campus during the office hours. Students are provided an opportunity to engage in the community as interns or research assistants. Transfer students may be admitted to the course.

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 122
Degree CertificationYes


George Mason University Psychology (BS/BA)

best online psychology degree
Credit: masononline.gmu.edu

George Mason University is offering one of the best online psychology degrees. In this university, students can choose between a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA degree. Irrespective of which course a student enrols in, he/she can learn about developmental psychology, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. The BS course would emphasize general education; the BA program requires at least 3 credits in a foreign language. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 120
Degree CertificationYes


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University of Massachusetts-Lowell: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

best online psychology degree
Credit: gps.uml.edu

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is offering a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  The course is accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education. Students must complete a total of 120 credits to graduate. A total of 90 transfer credits are accepted for this program, and international students taking up online courses would pay the same tuition fee as regular students. The program includes general education, culture, and world languages, and psychology core along with elective courses. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 120
Degree CertificationYes


Florida International University BA in Psychology

best online psychology degree
Credit: fiuonline.fiu.edu

The FIU is offering one of the best online psychology degrees. The program emphasizes on theoretical and practical understanding of the subject in areas such as Psychology of infancy and childhood, Human growth and development, Personal Adjustment, etc. The course is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Each online student will have a success coach assigned to them. Transfer students are eligible to apply. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 120
Degree CertificationYes


University of Missouri-Columbia BA in Psychology

best online psychology degree
Credit: online.missouri.edu

The University of MissouriColumbia’s BA in Psychology program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It is one of the best online psychology degrees online. Students can take courses from either the University of Missouri-Columbia or the University of Missouri-St. Louis as this is a collaborative program. Those enrolled in this online program must undertake a capstone project. Concentrations are available in areas such as developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and social psychology. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 120
Degree CertificationYes


John Brown University Psychology, B.S

best online psychology degree
Credit: jbu.edu

John Brown University offers one of the best online psychology degrees. The degree is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Students must complete 43 hours of psychology courses and 20 hours of elective courses. Concentrations must be approved by the school, and a capstone project must be completed. Learners can also choose to enrol in the accelerated program to finish their MA program a year earlier. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 120
Degree CertificationYes


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Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Psychology online

best online psychology degree
Credit: osuonline.okstate.edu

OSU’s Psychology Online is one of the best online psychology degrees available. The undergraduate program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and requires the student to complete a total of 120 credit hours. Students can apply as a transfer student if they have attempted a minimum of 7 semesters of college credits. The program includes subjects such as general education. Majors can be done in personality, psychology, forensic psychology, and human performance, among others. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 120
Degree CertificationYes


Oregon State University Psychology BA/BS

best online psychology degree
Credit: ecampus.oregonstate.edu

The Oregon State University is offering a BA/BS in psychology. It is one of the best online psychology degrees available online. Students must complete a total of 180 quarter credits to graduate. The program emphasizes the scientific aspects of psychology. For example, statistics, problem-solving, and data analysis, among others. Moreover, graduates of this program can work with instructors on research projects. Transfer students are eligible to apply. 

Course TypeOnline 
Credit 180 quarter-credits
Degree CertificationYes


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What is the best online college for psychology?

Some of the best online colleges for psychology degrees are the University of Florida-Online, St. National Louis University,  Andrews University, and the University of Utah. 

Is an online psychology degree valid?

Yes. The online BA/BSc psychology degrees are valid. The degrees are valid if the student pursues the online degree from a recognized institution. For example, IGNOU.

Is online psychology worth it?

Yes. Online psychology degrees are worth it. A BA in psychology is perfect for those who want to obtain a certification in the comfort of their home. Some universities such as the University of Florida offer online learners the same degree as regular students. Hence, the degree is valuable. 

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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