Break the News Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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break the news meaning

We immediately know that something has happened when a person decides to “break the news”, meaning that they have information to share. This idiom is very common slang in everyday conversations and is generally used to relay bad news to others. Since its origin, the phrase has evolved into several different words and phrases with the same meaning over time. 

This phrase has been around since medieval times. The messengers bringing the message in a sealed parchment were told to “break a matter”, or to break the seal and deliver the news. In 1906, Associated Press came up with the terms “flash” and “newsflash”, indicating a wire having more important information than others. 

The term “breaking news” also meant interrupting the regularly scheduled programs on television to alert the public of a major event that has just occurred. It also indicated that the particular news channel was the first source of information for the news.

Usage With Examples

Here are some ways in which you can use the idiom “Break the News” in a sentence:

  1. She had to break the news to her parents that she failed the exam.
  2. He was nervous about breaking the news of his promotion to his co-workers.
  3. They decided to break the news of their divorce to their children after the holidays.
  4. How did you break the news to your boss that you were quitting?
  5. The reporter was eager to break the news of the scandal to the public.

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Break the News: Synonyms and Similar Words

Some words and phrases that have similar meanings to the idiom “break the news” are:

  • reveal: to make something known that was previously hidden or secret
  • communicate: to share information, feelings, or thoughts with someone else
  • divulge: to tell someone something that is supposed to be secret
  • disclose: to make something known publicly or officially

For example, you can say:

  • She had to reveal her true identity to him.
  • He communicated his decision to the board.
  • She divulged the secret recipe to her friend.
  • They disclosed their financial situation to the bank.

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Break The News Meaning Quiz

Which of the following sentences uses the idiom “break the news” correctly?

A) She was so happy when he broke the news that he loved her. 

B) He was angry when she broke the news that she was leaving him. 

C) They were surprised when he broke the news that he won the lottery. 

D) He was relieved when she broke the news that she was not pregnant.

The correct answer is B) He was angry when she broke the news that she was leaving him.

We hope that this blog helped you understand the idiom’s “Break the News” meaning, its usage in a sentence and various synonyms and phrases related to it. Keep following our Learn English page to learn more idioms like these every day.

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