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Yunnan University

Kunming, China


Yunnan University was founded in 1922 and officially opened in 1923. At the time of its establishment, it was known as the Private Donglu University and was later changed to Provincial Yunnan University. Eventually, it was renamed as the National University of Yunnan. It is a comprehensive university which conducts research on biology, ethology, environmental protection. Yunnan University also focuses on border issues, international issues pertaining to South and Southeast Asia, and issues related to exploitation of special resources. The university aims at becoming a world-class university and wants to bring about economic growth and social development in Yunnan province. 27 schools and one hospital are affiliated to the university. It also comprises of 14 institutes, one general education department, one graduate school, and two independent schools. Yunnan University offers 86 bachelor’s programs, and 12 special national-level programs in the disciplines of Ecology, Microbiology, History, and Ethnology. It also offers 21 doctoral programs along with 42 first-level master’s program and 22 professional master’s programs. Chenggong and Donglu are two campuses of the Yunnan university which has more than 1 million square meters of school buildings. There is one key national laboratory in the university which has been co-built by the Yunnan province and the Ministry of Education. There are also many other laboratories, research centres, work stations and mobile stations in the University.
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