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University of The Basque Country

Leioa, Spain



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In its fairly short span of existence of 30 years, the University of the Basque Country in Spain has established itself as a multi-ethnic university focused on research and innovation. It practices a unique method of funding as it is a community-funded public university and therefore only a fraction of education costs falls on students. It is stationed in the picturesque Autonomous region of Northern Spain which has a rich linguistic culture. It has found itself in the 150-200 bracket in the Young University Ratings by the Times Higher Education Rankings, 2019, a significant feat by university still rapidly progressing. With an inspiring and forward-looking motto of ‘Give and Spread’, the university course catalogue boasts of 67 undergraduate courses, 103 postgraduate courses, 44 specialised diploma and 71 PhD/doctoral programmes. Every course at the University of the Basque Country is taught with a two-dimensional approach focusing on polishing problem-solving abilities and individual innovation. The diverse fields of study in which courses are offered include Engineering, Architecture, Philosophy, History, Theology, Neuroscience, Public Health, Actuarial Science, Globalisation amongst others. It is spread out over three world-class campuses in Biscay, Gipuzkoa, Arabs with Biscay campus housing the prestigious Guggenheim Museum and Gipuzkoa campus is a popular tourist attraction as well.
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