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Sussex Business School

Brighton, United Kingdom


The University of Sussex is a leading public research educational institution which was established during the 19th century. At present, it’s considered to have one of the most attractive campuses in England. Sussex is one of the oldest universities in the UK which received its royal charter in 1961. The environment of the university is pretty greenish, which makes its architecture award-winning. It’s surrounded by beautifully architectured buildings, National Park, and open spaces. A great Scottish architect Basil Spence designed all the buildings of the campus. In addition, the university has a Falmer house, which is viewed as the Grade I building across the nation. The university manages up to 12 research groups and schools. It offers more than 200 masters’ course, 300 undergraduate programs, and 71 Ph.D. programs. The university consists of more than 17K students in which 1/4th of them are postgraduates. Almost 76% of the student population of the university is native, and the other 24% is non-native. The teaching staff includes over 2.1K members in which 1K staff members are for teaching, and 300 are for researching. The statistics have shown that the staff members and students of the university have arrived here from over 100 nationalities. 1/3rd of the staff members are from outside the UK. The university has achieved fame for its Humanities and Social Sciences departments. Alumni of the university are working in almost every single field at the international level. In the list of Alumni, the university has some really great names who work in the field of politics, scientific studies, and entrepreneurship as well. Moreover, the university offers a junior research scheme. In such a scheme, students get a chance to receive funding and spend 8 weeks during the summer holidays for researching. Apart from funding and vacations, such students also get the help of highly skilled professors during their research.
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