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Viterbi School of Engineering

Los Angeles, United States


The University of Southern California was established at the end of the 18th century as a private research education institution in Los Angeles. It was the 1st university in California that was based on the private research. Some of the well-known subjects of the university include law, social work, medicine, pharmacy, occupational therapy, social work, and engineering. The USC is considered as the biggest commercial employer in the city. The university has generated many great leaders and entrepreneurs. Apart from this, the university is a global center for technology, arts, and international business. In the beginning, the university had only 10 teachers and less than 60 students. At present, the university offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and other professional programs to their students. Whatever, the university takes care of Indian students in a way respective manner. During 2011, it had opened an Indian office that is aimed to enroll more Indian students. Moreover, there's also an association for Indian students where they can get assistance. When it comes to getting an acceptance, this university has a competitive selection policy among the other universities of the nation. There are 375K alumni in which so many are leading top positions across the globe. However, half of the alumni of this university are natives. USC has a robust administrative system in which the Board of Trustees governs the institution and led by a President who regulates a senior team for managing various operations. In addition to this, there's an Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate & Professional Student Senate, Academic Senate, and so many other small governing bodies to regulate the university's system.
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