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College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Guelph, Canada


The University of Guelph is one of the best research University in Ontario Canada. University was established in 1964 after the commandment of Ontario Agriculture College and Ontario Veterinary College. The university has since grown to University of more than 3200 students and over 1500 faculty as of fall 2018. The university became one of the largest Universities of Canada. The University of Guelph provides 6 associate degrees, 94 graduate degrees, and 48 graduate programs in various disciplines. There are 24000 full-time undergraduates, 3200 part-time undergraduates, 2700 full-time graduates and 220 part-time graduates grasping education from the university. The endowment value for the international students is around CAD 413 million and for Canadian students is around CAD 160 million. The Hostels of Guelph University are known as the housing of Guelph. Students can accommodate inside as well as outside the campuses. The main University campus of Guelph University spans 1017 acres including 408 acres of the University of Guelph Arboretum and 30 acres of the research park. University of Guelph offer more than 90 faculties which are in the fields of biological science, business and economics, physical and engineering science, social and applied human science, agriculture, eternity, computer science, engineering, English and theatre studies, environmental design and rural development, environmental sciences, fine arts and music, language and literature, hospitality and tourism management, open learning and educational support. Guelph Humber is one of the Sub-University of Guelph University. The motto of the university is Rerum cognoscere causas that we need to learn the reason for reality.
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