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College of Business and Law

Christchruch, New Zealand


The college laid its foundation in 1873, and is the first component college of University of New Zealand. The university was established in Christchurch, in the city of Canterbury, in New Zealand. University of Canterbury is the second oldest university of New Zealand after the university of Otago. It was originally establishes as Canterbury College, later the name was changed to University of Canterbury. The university has one campus, which is of the area of around 76 hectares. The university consist of three libraries- Central library which supports research and teaching in humanities, social sciences, law, commerce, music, fine arts, and Antarctic Science; then they have Engineering and physical sciences library which supports teaching in engineering, forestry and science; Macmillan Brown Library which has over 100,000 published items including books, audio-visual recordings, and various manuscripts, photographs, works of art, architectural drawings and ephemera. The campus has ten halls for residence- Bishop Julius Hall with 158 beds, Ilam Apartments with 845 beds, College House with 159 beds, Rochester and Rutherford Hall with 178 beds, Sonoda Christchurch Campus with 114 beds, University Hall with 539 beds, Hayashi with 90 beds, Kirkwood Avenue Hall with 68 beds, Waimairi Village with 60 beds. The total of their academic staff consists of 715 members, and their administrative staff is comprised of over 1,158 members. They provide courses at both postgraduate and undergraduate level. They are known to have taught almost 9,590 undergraduate students, 2,777 postgraduate students. That makes a total of 15,564 students.
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