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Irvine, United States


The University of California, Irvine was established in the mid 19th century as the open research education institution. In the USA, it's among the 1st universities that become a partner of the Association of American Universities. The university has been accredited as one of the best university in the nation because of its quality teaching. Moreover, it's also well-known as the 2nd largest employer in Irvine. It's astonishing to note that this university is the first one to form the Department of Earth System Science. The main campus of this university is structured well and house extensive grounds where trees have been planted. It's not far from the one of the greatest attraction of the city, Aldrich Park. Students who have studied here have claimed that the environment of the main campus is peaceful enough to enhance the learning experience. There are around 200 faculties within the campus. Apart from this, the library of the university consists of vast collections that relate to History, Chinese theory materials, Arts, and Japnese research papers. At present, the university provides 80+ undergraduate, 55+ postgraduate and 46+ Ph.D. level degree programs. The academic structure of the university has been divided into 13 schools. Apart from this, the university incorporates some of the best-renowned research institutes within the campus such as Center for Health Policy Research, Machine Learning & Geonomics & Bioinformatics Data Mining, Complex Biological System, and the National Fuel Research. Some of the notable alumni of the university include Brian Thompson, Michael Chabon, Frank Sherwood Rowland, and Steve Scott.
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