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University Libre De Bruxelles

Brussels, Belgium


University Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) is a private university that is generally French-speaking, located in Brussels, Belgium. The University was established in 1834 by a Belgian lawyer, Pierre Theodore Verhaegen. It is one of the most important Belgian universities. The University comprises of its three main campuses, which are the Solbosch campus, the Pauline campus, and the Erasmus campus. The University Libre De Bruxelles (ULB) offers more than 40 undergraduate courses that are taught in the University in two distinct languages. It also provides more than 250 graduate courses on the university campus of Brussels. It is ranked 201st among global universities by the Times Higher Education. It has about 24,200 students, 33% of which come from different nations to enroll in the various courses of the university. This includes faculty, staff, graduates and former students in the undergraduate programmes and others affiliated with the ULB. The core programmes of the undergraduate degree in the university are segregated into 40 disciplines of Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Philosophy, Law of Criminological Science, Psychological Science, Environment Science, Applied Science, Archeological Studies, Engineering, and Technology. The students also receive practical as well as theoretical knowledge in the degree program selected by them. With all the immaculate graduate programs, the university offers Master’s degree programs in more than 250 disciplines, which are taught in various campuses of the university. Most of the master's degree programs are taught in the English language.. The university holds PhD programs in more than twenty-two scientific disciplines that are studied here. To get expertise in the sessions and to build confidence in students, the university also offers many project training programs. ULB provides an opportunity to have a doctoral program to gain experience through classes on the school campus.The university has a secure link with international institutions for enrolling in research projects. The Doctoral program holders are also provided with various research projects to gain expertise in the field of research.The students of the university also have the opportunity of active participation in extracurricular activities.
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