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Shandong University

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Shandong University, one of oldest university in China, was established in 1733 in Shandong, China. SU has witnessed the evolution of China and the Western influence propaganda very closely. The university was made, destroyed, merged several times before it became one of the largest universities in the world. Started as the Luoyuan Academy, the academy was established in Jinan by an imperial edict from the Yongzheng Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Soon, after the arrival of Calvin Mater, the academy was turned to Tengchow College which was the first modern institution of higher learning in China in 1884. After few years, the top three colleges, an Arts college, a Theological College and a Medical College were merged into Tengchow College and Cheeloo University came into existence. In 1901, the Governor of Shandong, Yuan Shikai established the Imperial Shandong University. He was impressed by the methods of western education. He invited many western scholars to set the curriculum up to the western standards. As the students and faculties increased, SD acquired Cheeloo University and Luoyuan Academy and also established its centers in Qingdao. In post-World War II period, Shandong University in Qingdao campus served as the headquarters for the U.S. Sixth Marine Division and later on for the U.S. Fleet Marine Force from 1945 to 1949, Today, Shandong University has 31 schools offering courses in multiple disciplines. It offers 104 undergraduate, 209 postgraduate programs and 127 doctoral programs in 11 main disciplines including philosophy, economics, history, natural sciences, engineering, law, literature, management, medicine, education, and military science. Not just this, Shandong University offers seven professional graduate degree programs in law, business management, engineering, clinical medicine, public health, dentistry, and public administration. Plus, itt has many research centers including Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Research Center, Laboratory for Risk Analysis and Random Calculus, Institute for Religion, Science, and Social Studies, Number Theory at Shandong University, High Energy Physics Group, Oriental Archaeology Research Center, Center for Economic Research, Center for Health Management & Policy, Center for European Studies, Center for Space Thermal Science, Center for Japanese Studies, Key Laboratory for Otolaryngology, Modern Logistics Research Center and Institute of ECIWO Biology. These centers and labs give students a freedom to carry out research under guidance after getting necessary approvals. Today, Shandong University has seven campuses spread across China including Central Campus, Hongjialou Campus, Qianfoshan Campus, Baotuquan Campus, Xinglongshan Campus, Ruanjianyuan Campus, Weihai Campus, Qingdao Campus. The main campus is situated in Jinan, Shandong, Central Campus, which is home to the main university library, a large dining hall, student dormitories, administrative buildings and several schools. All schools and faculties are divided in all seven campuses in Shandong University. There are total 60,600 students enrolled in the university with 4,000 academic staff and 3,500 administrative staff members. out of 60,600, 41,000 students are from the undergraduate programs and 17,000 students are from the postgraduate programs. According to the CWUR World University Ranking, Shandong University is ranked #270 in the world in 2019.
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