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Mccormick School of Engineering

Evanston, United States


Northwestern University was founded by John Evans and other prominent businessmen, politicians, and lawyers in 1851 at Evanston (Illinois). It is a notable private research university and has its other campuses in Chicago and Doha. The area covered by the university campus is 240 acres in the Evanston and 25 acres in the Chicago. The university aims at improving the intellectual capacity of the students, world-class education and all such means for innovative research. The university has a total of 12 schools, colleges and universities wherein all kinds of undergraduate, graduate, professional and pre-collegiate programs are offered. The Weinberg College of Arts & Science is notably the ancient college of the university having 26 departments which cover 47 major and 46 minor fields. On the contrary, the School of Communication is yet another competitively best communication Institution of the world. The university has all branches providing excellent education services. For instance, The Kellogg School of Management provides all the necessities of education for the corporate world, the Pritzker School of Law is in regard with the legal communities, and the Feinberg School of Medicine stood out to be the hub for medical breakthroughs ever since the year 1859.
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