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School of Arts and Social Sciences

Maastricht, Netherlands


Maastricht University is one of the youngest and best universities to be considered prior in Netherlands. It was established in 1976. It teaches most core and basic sciences including Science fields, Economics and Business, Health sciences, Knowledge engineering branches. It excels out both in providing one of the best courses and graduations related to branches with extensive learning. Ranking one of the best and influential universities, with number 15 in the top 50 universities in the field of multiple science. The university has enormous campus with incredible facilities for the betterment of the students. Extensive libraries with over millions of books, proper labs and halls, media center, audition halls, computer labs, technical and research labs and lot more. Students are given full opportunity to their initial studies. To deal with educational challenges, timed workshops, competitions, arenas and debates are common in the university. Management and establishment is also done to prepare them to tackle outer realities way better and more efficiently. The campus has over 16,000 students, around 47% are international students across the whole world. It has male female ratio on 1:3 prior. There are more than 3,200 employees working in the teaching field to help students. The university indulges in most of the training and performance enhancements workshops, to better train and educate the students. There are several competitions, arenas, programs, and camps to challenge the students and make them better and qualified enough.
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