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College of Science and Engineering

Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong


The breeding ground for the leaders enabling the leaders of tomorrow to be bred in a better way is what is the motive of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology . It not only focuses on the educational well being of an institution but also on the physical well being of one. It is ranked as the 37 in the QS global world ranking list.The university is dedicated to international research ,range of which comprises from the research in science, technology, engineering, management , humanities and business studies ,increasing its standards even more. The university has a tie with the global institutions comprising of the universities from the mainland China. The faculty of the institute comprises of 41 IEEE which comprise of the largest award winners of the territory.The faculty awards of HKSUT includes, 2017 IEEE electron devices society education award, 2017 Telford premium award, U S national inventors hall of fame and a lot more. The university is a research institute aimed at the research for public. It was founded in the year 1991 by the british Hong Kong . The academic staff includes a total of 647 faculty members.The emblem of the university comprise of two colors including, blue and gold, symbolising the steady nature of waters of Hong Kong and the wisdom of mankind respectively. The interesting thing to know about the universe is that it is the only university in Hong Kong having no motto.The union of the college is an organisation independent but recognised by government.
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