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Atlanta, United States


The Georgia Institute of Technology was established on October 13, 1885, as the public research education institution. Commonly, it's called Georgia Tech. The first batch of the university was started in 1888. At that time, only 84 students had arrived. However, the university has marked itself as a recognized technological university in 52 years. After a few years, Georgia Tech had started to shift its focus to advanced scientific research and technology. Currently, the university has satellite campuses in Georgia, France, Athlone, Savannah, Metz, Ireland, China, Singapore, and Shenzhen. There are 28 schools and 6 colleges within the university in which students get an opportunity to study design, computing, engineering, sciences, liberal arts, and business. In the South, it's considered as one of the biggest engineering and industrial research agencies. The infrastructure of this university is pretty big which covers up an area of 400 acres. The main campus consists of 43 sports clubs. Apart from this, the university has continuously accredited as an essential institution in the US because of the graduation of underrepresented minorities. Georgia Tech has more than 400 student organizations where religious, sexual, ethnic, racial, and sexual identity are explored. Thus, Students get a cutting-edge global experience to strengthen their learning experience. Moreover, the network in Atlanta city is also diverse and feels like home at the same time. It's occupied with high-tech startups, multinational corporations, restaurants, theatres, museums, concert venues, and small businesses. Due to the presence of such companies, the employment opportunity for graduates tends to increase.
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