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Complutense University of Madrid

Madrid, Spain



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Master of Physics, Master of Quantum Engineering, Master of Cognitive Science (CogMaster), Master of Earth and planetary science, environment Track Planetary Science

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The Complutense University of Madrid is one of the oldest universities in the world with its roots in 1293. It is the 3rd largest non-distance European university by enrollment and the most prestigious academic institution in Spain. With 90 degrees and more than 170 postgraduates programmes, it has grown to become the biggest university in Spain. Almost all the academic courses are delivered in Spanish but there are several programmes in English for International students. Courses offered by the university are divided into the Faculty of Arts in Geography and Veterinary Medicine and a number of Science faculties comprising of Teaching and Learning Science, Computer Science and Media and Communication Science. Other than this, there are special courses in Medicine and Legal Studies and a ‚Äúlifelong training‚ÄĚ to students in their chosen field of work alongside academic education. UCM has a diverse group of students from over 80 nationalities because of which the university offers various student services such as virtual campus, an office of disability services, a career team, on-campus housing, school insurance, outstanding sports facilities and theatre groups, students associations and much more. Madrid is among the safest cities in Spain with lower levels of pollution and also provides the benefits of excellent transport links, lower living cost for students and incredible nightlife and art scene.
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