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Catholic University of Portugal

Porto, Portugal



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The Catholic University of Portugal was inaugurated in 1967. It is the first contemporary university situated in Lisbon, Portugal. The objective of Portuguese Catholic University is to prepare its students to contribute good values towards society & also promote Christian thought, values, and ideas. It presently offers 13 bachelor’s, 18 master’s degrees and four PhDs. courses. Portuguese Catholic University comprises of more than 11,000 students and over 1,000 teaching faculty, out of which half of the student population and 40% of the teaching staff comes from different nationalities. Portuguese Catholic University existing decision-making personnel are the High Chancellor, Rectors, Board of Trustees, Rector's Council and Financial Management Board. The subjects of education offered by Portuguese Catholic University include Education Sciences, Bioengineering, Economics, Arts and Humanities. The research organization is based within the Faculties and they are fundamentally devoted to pure and applied research. The university offers five scholarships to students of Portuguese-American descent. Portuguese Catholic University asserts a useful grade of sovereignty to achieve and run new campuses. The campus has a number of facilities to support the overall development of its students and the successful completion of their graduation. The campus also offers on-campus and off-campus Work-Study programs to deserving students.
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