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Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Pasadena, United States


California Institute of Technology is one of the leading private research education institutions in the world. The origin of this institute dates back to 1891 when it was known as the Throop University. Today, it has gained fame with its new name Caltech because of having expertise in natural science and engineering. Moreover, it has also received authorization of the Western Association of Schools & Colleges. The institute has formed an association with various known organizations like HHMI, NASA, AAU. The institute has around 5 campuses within it: Kavli Nanoscience, Rosen Bioengineering Center, Chrissy Chen for Neuroscience, Resnick Sustainability, and Beckman. The Millikan Library is considered as the highest building on the campus, which equals to approximately 144 feet. The university has campuses in Louisiana, Switzerland, Washington, and Pasadena. At present, Caltech has over 7 buildings for family residences and students. Apart from academics, the university also emphasizes sports and maintains several athletic teams in tennis, swimming, fencing, soccer, volleyball, and other popular sports games. Currently, the university offers graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs in distinctive subjects like earth sciences, physics, computer science, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. There are more than 3.9K employees at the Caltech in which both alumni and non-alumni members exist. When it comes to professors, students never get disappointment because they get an opportunity to learn from such experts who are well versed in their respective fields. Probably, that's why this university has an extensive network of 22.93K alumni in which 79 are Nobel Laureates.
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