Hold Your Horses Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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The idiom “hold your horses” is used to tell someone to be patient, calm down, or wait a moment. It is often used when someone is getting too excited, eager, or impulsive about something and needs to take a moment to think or wait for further information or instructions. The phrase implies the need to slow down and not rush into a decision or action. It’s a way of advising someone to exercise restraint and not act too hastily.

Usage with Examples

The idiom “hold your horses” is used primarily in informal spoken English. It is commonly used in everyday conversations among friends, family members, colleagues, and in various social settings. People may use it in different situations to convey the message of being patient or waiting for a moment. Some common situations where you might hear or use this idiom include:

  1. When someone is rushing to make a decision without considering all the facts: “Hold your horses! Let’s think this through before making a final choice.”
  2. When someone is getting too excited or anxious about something: “I know you’re excited, but hold your horses. We’ll get there on time.”
  3. When someone is acting impulsively and needs to take a step back: “Before you jump to any conclusions, hold your horses and listen to the whole story.”

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Hold Your Horses 

Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words for the hold your horses idiom:

  • Take it easy
  • Slow down
  • Cool your jets
  • Hold on a second
  • Easy does it
  • Not so fast
  • Relax
  • Be patient
  • Wait a moment
  • Hold your fire

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Hold Your Horses Idiom Quiz

Sarah was so excited to open her birthday presents that her mom had to tell her to “hold her horses.” What does this mean?

a) Sarah’s mom wants her to ride a horse on her birthday.

b) Sarah’s mom wants her to be patient and wait before opening the presents.

c) Sarah’s mom wants her to hurry up and open the presents quickly.

Answer: (B)

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