University of Fukui

Public University

Fukui, Japan

University of Fukui, officially known as Fukui Daigaku in Japanese, was established in 1949 in the city of Fukui, Fukui, Japan. As a result of the new Japanese Education policy after the end of World War II, University of Fukui was established after the merger of three top institutes in the region Read more



Highlights of University of Fukui

  • In 2004, University of Fukui received the national university status after the consolidation of University Of Fukui and the Fukui Medical University 
  • The current president of University of Fukui is renowned academician, Mitsufumi Mayumi.
  • The emblem of University of Fukui was designed by Yoshiaki Yanagimoto in October 2004 which means that University of Fukui expresses the university’s collaboration with both the local area and the world, the beautiful natural environment and history of Fukui and the potentiality of the university represented by “blue” and “infinity” in the emblem.
  • University of Fukui has a song by the “Green Echo Choir” of the Department of Music. The song of the University of Fukui was adopted in October 2004 to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the new University of Fukui.
  • University of Fukui has partnered up and signed the MoU agreements with over 160 education institution from 38 countries. 
  • Most of the agreements have been signed with the universities and colleges in China by University of Fukui.
  • The international center at University of Fukui aims to promote comprehensive and effective international exchanges programs in accordance with the mission and the long-term goals of the University by integrating international exchange activities with regard to education and research.
  • There are four research institutes established at University of Fukui which are wellregarded for their research practiced and their contribution to the advancement of the Japanese science and technology including Research Center for Child Mental Development, Biomedical Imaging Research Center, Research Center for Development of Far-Infrared Region, Research and Education Program for Life Science, and Language Center. 

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