Study Abroad: University of Chicago Joins Global Partnerships to Boost Advance Quantum Computing

Over the past couple of years, scientists conducted numerous research projects to determine the exceptional capability of the supercomputer from quantum technology.

The University of Chicago finalized the agreement with the top two companies in the world to seek help in terms of quantum computing on May 21. The first one is the 10-year $100 million donation from IBM and the second one is the $50 million donation from Google.

The University of Tokyo, as well as the University of Chicago, will develop the perfect blueprints to develop a supercomputer powered by 100,000 qubits

Vice President of IBM Quantum, Jay Gambetta, stated that quantum-centric supercomputing will tap into quantum computing and modular architecture, thanks to the donation.

He also stated that both universities will advance through numerous aspects of quantum architecture as well as classical workloads. This will also include hybrid cloud middleware for quantum computing.