Study Abroad: Humber College Will Provide Affordable Study Abroad: KU Can Create First Hybrid Study Abroad Program, Thanks to $35,000 Grant for Students

The University of Kansas says the hybrid study abroad program can motivate students to study abroad. This move will help the students with higher education abroad.

The IDEAS program is designed meticulously to create and expand study abroad opportunities. Meanwhile, it will also contribute to the equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion of the State Department. This will help America stay more engaged in foreign policy.

The program will consider interconnections among history, race, and health in the African diaspora and Africa. Students will get to focus on Brazil, Cuba, and Nigeria. Students will know about the enslavement of Africans and social disparities.

ManGonagle says in an official statement that this move will diversify international education. She also added that a hybrid system will help students with more opportunities in learning about history and health.

Students can attend the first section online. During the first section of the program, students can virtually travel to Cuban and Nigerian cities. They can also watch videos and reach source materials.