Here is a List of 5 Billionaires who Dropped Out of High School

Zhou Qunfei (Lens Technology CEO.)The $7.2 billion company is responsible for manufacturing glass for Apple, Samsung, and Tesla.

Amancio Ortega (Founder of Zara.) He is the 2nd richest man in Europe with a net worth of $70.4 billion.

Jay-Z (American rapper, entrepreneur, & record producer). He was the 1st  Hip-Hop Billionaire in 2019. His current Net worth  is $1 billion

Francois Pinault (Founder of Kering,  luxury group.)Dropped out because his classmates made fun of his poor background. Net worth of $33.2 billion

Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Records music label).The company has 500 subsidiaries. Richard Banson current net worth is $3.9 billion