SAE Institute

Private University

Sydney, Australia

The School of Audio Engineering (SAE), also known as SAE nstitute is a private college in Australia and was founded in 1976. By converting a studio into a classroom, the SAE Institute was founded by Tom Misner in Sydney, Australia. During the last years of the 1970s, the SAE Institute started to ope Read more

Highlights of SAE Institute

  • In 2012, the SAE Institute was purchased by Navitas with an aim to set high standards of learning in the world.
  • The SAE Institute has its own radio, Energy Groove Radio which broadcasts the local and international shows, produced by a mix of DJs and SAE students.
  • The institute has a partnership with the University of Middlesex in which a lot of students at Middlesex University can have access to the programs offered by the SAE Institute.  
  • In association with Oxford. The institute also organizes and sponsors a competition called Top of the OX.
  • The world-famous short movies and documentaries like Fixed, Vincent and Adele are made at SAE Perth and Brisbane in Australia. 
  •  The SAE Alumni Association has more than 15,000 members who are at the top positions in media, designing, music industries. 
  • The notable alumni include the renowned Mark Paterson who has won an Oscar and BAFTA in 2012 for his film Les Misérables and David Donaldson, Musician and composer who won 2005 Grammy Award winner for the film Ray.

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