Paris College of Art

Private University

Paris, France

Paris College of Art is an international university of art and design with U.S degree-granting authorization and recognition from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design located in France. PCA's goal is to give the most important model of art and design education, taught within an Amer Read more

Highlights of Paris College of Art

  •  The university got accreditation from NASAD and is a part of the International Association of Universities and colleges Art, Design and Media.
  • The programs that are offered by the University- Bachelor of Fine arts, Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Arts in Accessories in Design, Fashion Design, Design for Social Impact, Drawing, etc.
  • There is a study abroad option for students called PSA that offers degrees in various fields such as Fine Arts, Photography, Art History, Fashion design, etc
  • The University also offers nondegree certification programs for various students.
  • The University has a partnership with various International Institution. Some of the Institutions are Pantheon Sorbonne University, Les Arts Decoratifs Library, Terra Foundation for American Art, the American Library in Paris, etc.
  • Some of the notable alumni are Erin Fatherson, Tom Ford, Bennu Gerade, Georgia Hardinge, etc.
  • The University has a student union which brings problems of the students in front of the council and resolves them in the best possible way.
  • The University canteen provides a wide variety of dishes to the students. These dishes are affordable as well as delicious.

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