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Ottawa, Canada


The Carleton University was founded in 1942 in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Initially, The university was named as Carleton college which is a private college to serve the people returning from World war 2. in 1957 with the public support the college was completely converted into the University under the Carleton university act. The university has more than 1,40,011 students who are from reputed fields such as humanity, engineering, physics, international business entrepreneurship, computer science and many more. University is known for the Carleton country that consists of the city of Ottawa when the university was founded. The University offers many different faculties like arts and social sciences, engineering and design, business, international affairs, public affairs, science. There are various enrollment programs in which students can enroll like journalism, aerospace engineering, B.Hum., and B.P.A.P.M. The main campus of the university is situated in 150 acres of land. In the design of the University, you will be able to see the modern architecture. There are more than 11 hostels for the students which are clustered together and also connected with the tunnel system of the university. There are three suits as which are reserved for postgraduate students. The university also conducts the various scholarship programs to award 2.1 billion to approximately 12000 students. The acceptance rate of the university is 80% that means most of the time students succeed to enroll in the university.
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