Do you want to score good marks in maths exams? Here are a few tips to do that!

Curate a preparation schedule beforehand by listing down the subjects you need to cover for every exam and the sub-topics you need to start with. While planning the study schedule, make subject combinations easier with one difficult discipline, and this way you will be able to efficiently cover different topics in a day.

Don’t cram answers but find innovative ways to learn a concept. There are many tricks to learn any topic without mugging it up and you should always try finding interest in whichever subject you are studying. Look up video tutorials and use flashcards or memorization techniques like mnemonics, mind palace and visualization to grasp the essential core of a subject and you will surely score good marks in exams.

Practice, Practice & Practice: The success mantra for a higher score is taking as many mock tests and practice tests consistently. You can find sample papers online or ask your teachers to give previous year question papers and spend at least a week or few days before exam practising different question papers with a timer.

Don’t forget about your health while studying for an exam. While it is important to invest extensive hours to score good marks in exams, it is also crucial to eat healthy food and get fresh air every day. Exercise once in every two or three days for at least 30 minutes or go for a run in the morning to freshen up your mind.

Make your own notes as it will help you remember concepts in a better way. Did you ever wonder that the student you take your class notes from always scores higher in the exam? It’s because writing things down assists your brain remember them for longer.