Here are 5 child prodigies who have changed the world at an age you never would have believed. Check it out!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A music prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his first song at the age of 5!

Enrico Fermi

A  prodigy in maths, Enrico Fermi has a photographic memory as a young child. By the age if 10 mulling over geometric proofs and building electric motors!

Pablo Picasso

A  prodigy in arts, Pablo Picasso had a brush in his hand before he could talk!  He made his first oil painting at the age of 9!

Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann could'nt speak untill the age of 4. She began to compose her own pieces at the age of 10!

Srinivasa Ramanujan

One of the greatest mathematicians, he was known for his exceptional memory. His ascent into the highest levels of mathematics began at age 16 in 1903.