Study Abroad in Canada: University of Toronto Invests a Mammoth for Students and Research

For the 2023-2024 academic year session at The University of Toronto’s, their budget for the features infrastructure, student experience, investments in research, and initiatives promoting equity, diversity and admittance.

The Governing Council has recently approved the mammoth balanced budget, which is $3.36 Billion. 

Know the key points
1. To increase the Diversity in Academic Hiring Fund to hire 30 more Black and local faculty.2. To implement the guidance of the student mental health and campus safety reviews.3. To invest in classroom renewal and staffing a new student advising initiative.

Demand at UofT programs remains massive as more than 90,000 students returned in-person to the three campuses in September 2022. 

The International Scholars program will reach full implementation in 2023-2024 at $75 Million, with plans to boost the budget to $89 Million in 2027-2028.

This massive budget also shows a total of 28 capital projects taking place across the three campuses worth $5.2 Billion.

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