How Long Can You Stay in Student Accommodation? 

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How long can you stay in student accommodation

Student accommodation is an important part of University life. Many students live outside of their home country or town to pursue their education. It makes it essential for them to look for adequate accommodation. An appropriate student housing can help the student feel settled in the living environment, alleviate stress, and increase the confidence of excelling in other areas of life. Hence, looking for it with all facilities is essential. Students should also be aware of how long they can stay in the student hostel. Keep reading to know more about the duration students are allowed to stay in the student accommodation.

Types of Student Accommodation

The following are the types of student accommodations:

  • Halls of residence are also known as university accommodations. They are large flats or a range of smaller houses. It generally includes a shared kitchen and bathroom. Meals can be provided to you at certain times of the day. However, most university accommodations are self-catered.
  • Private accommodation is a privately run student accommodation. Students can get a room in a normal flat, residence hall, or house run by a landlord. Monthly instalments have to be paid for private accommodation. Bills can be included or not included depending on the housing. Students can choose to share their rooms with other university students as well.

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Things to Consider While Looking for Student Accommodation

The following are the things to consider before looking for student accommodation:

  • The number of people you want to live with
  • Whether you would prefer catered or self-catered accommodation?
  • Want an en-suite or not?
  • The choice between single and double beds
  • The size of the room
  • The choice between living on-campus or off-campus
  • Whether you would prefer living in halls or in a house
  • Whether you would require accommodation during the holiday season?
  • The extra facilities such as  on-site gym, television, games room, etc 
  • The distance from the university 
  • The security of the student accommodation and the price of the stay
  • The duration of stay

When do You Apply?

Details regarding university accommodation can be found on the university website. University accommodation is generally filled out quickly. Every university releases a university accommodation deadline. Students are requested to check the deadline and apply for it as soon as possible. 

Private accommodations usually stay open. Interested students can apply for private accommodation based on the firm. Often insurance choices let students reserve a room. Hence, it is best to contact the insurance provider for more details. 

When it comes to applying for student accommodation earlier the better. Whether you are applying for university accommodation or not. Student housing tends to fill out fast. Hence, it is best not to wait till the last minute to apply for the same.

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How Long Can You Stay in Student Accommodation? 

The student accommodation contract is generally available for a period of 40 weeks to 51 weeks. It is true for university accommodation. Often, these accommodation cuts off during the summer holidays. 

Private accommodation, on the other hand, can be available for a longer duration. They are available for approximately 51 weeks. Do note that students will have to pay their accommodation fees during half term or Christmas holidays. It will be applicable even if you choose not to use the student accommodation during that time.

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How do You Apply?

University accommodations are provided by several universities. When a student has secured accommodation the universities usually send details of the application process. Students can apply for the same by visiting the university website. On the other hand, some universities will offer a room to students if you put that university as the main choice. However, usually, the trend is to provide accommodation to a student wherever it is available.

Can You Stay in Your Student Accommodation During the Holidays?

It is completely dependent on the university and the student housing. Students would need to check the duration of their stay in the accommodation contract to be clear about this point. Most universities now guarantee to house for a whole year. Students are not required to move out during this time.


Students who have applied for student accommodation can get the following benefits

  • Security of accommodation in a foreign land
  • Opportunity to connect with the university students and other residents 
  • Accommodation within walking distance from the university
  • Get all essential facilities required to settle in a new environment 
  • Find eateries, parks, and museums, within the vicinity


Is student accommodation worth it?

Definitely. Student accommodations are crucial for the student to adjust to university life. Particularly, when the student is continuing their education in another country. They are fully managed, offer all the necessary facilities, and are situated right next to the university.

Is Student Housing only for Students?

No. Student housings are often variable for young professionals and couples as well. However, some student housing is only for students. 

IS student accommodation mixed-gender?

Most universities offer both types of housing. Mixed-gender student housing and single-gender student housing. Students can apply to either of the student housing based on their preference.

Student accommodations are of two types- university accommodation and private housing. The university accommodation is provided for a duration of 40-51 weeks. The private accommodations can be available for 51 weeks. The availability of private accommodation is generally for a longer duration than university accommodation. To discover more articles like this one, visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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